BYB Extreme Fighting Series to Sponsor Tamayo-Cosentino Racing’s Number 45 Car in February 18’s 60th Annual Daytona ARCA 200

BYB Extreme Fighting Series to Sponsor Tamayo-Cosentino Racing’s Number 45 Car in February 18’s 60th Annual Daytona ARCA 200

Miami, FL – Today, BYB Extreme Fighting Series President Mike Vazquez, who in 1999 formed HRT Motorsports, NASCAR’s first Hispanic racing team, announced that the Miami-based bare knuckle fighting promotion will sponsor driver Tony Cosentino’s number 45 car at this weekend’s Daytona ARCA 200.

Said  Vazquez, “I’ve spent many years in and around motorsports, and always enjoyed supporting young teams and drivers, especially local talent, and have been a long-time and early supporter of [team co-owner] Enrique Tamayo’s foray into racing.”  

“I can’t wait to see Tony open up at Daytona, and  [BYB Co-Founder Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris] and I are looking forward to the race, and to meeting the team, driver and fans at Daytona international Speedway.”  

In prior years, BYB has sponsored cars in the NASCAR Truck Series and NASCAR’s Busch Series.  

As a result of Vazquez’s Hispanic NASCAR initiative, NASCAR’s Hispanic fan base has grown by over 631% since 1999 to become over 8.6% of NASCAR’s overall fan base, totaling 7 million US Hispanic NASCAR fans. Additionally, Vazquez was instrumental in the creation and success of the NASCAR Mexico Series. Established in 2005, it’s becoming among the top racing series throughout Mexico and Latin America.

“Just like with our fighters, I am proud to support these world-class athletes from all walks of life, and show my appreciation for the sacrifices they go through to be at the top of their game.  From mental toughness to physicality, the parallels between combat sports and motorsports are very tangible.”

Fans at home can tune in to FS1 on February 18 to  and cheer on the BYB car #45 at 1:30 ET.  


Originating in South Florida with backyard legend Dada 5000, whose backyard fights gained worldwide popularity online, BYB was founded to harness the excitement of bare knuckle boxing into a more structured product for a wider, more mainstream audience. Since 2015, BYB has worked diligently to grow the reach of bare knuckle boxing on both a domestic and international level, hosting events in Wyoming, Mississippi, Florida and London, and is continuing to work with athletic commissions throughout the United States globally to expand the fanbase growing sport of bare knuckle boxing. For more information on BYB, visit and follow @bybextreme on social.


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