BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series Announces New Partnership with Tigerlyfe Energy Drink Ahead of August 27th’s BYB 11 Brawl in Doral, Florida

BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series Announces New Partnership with TigerLyfe Energy Drink Ahead of August 27th’s BYB 11 Brawl in Doral, Florida

Deal part of larger distribution partnership with BYB Executive Leadership team to widen Tigerlyfe’s national footprint

MIAMI, FL – BYB Extreme Bare Knuckle Fighting Series announced today that Tigerlyfe Energy Drink will serve as the organization’s official healthy energy drink partner for August 27’s BYB 11 in Doral, Florida.  

Tigerlyfe, which positions itself as a healthier alternative than other energy drinks on the market, features a specialized blend of electrolytes, B-complex vitamins and no artificial coloring. The company already boasts a roster of combat sports athletes, including BYB 11 fighter and former MMA heavyweight Josh Burns, and is looking to both expand its roster with BYB fighters as well as leverage the growing popularity of bare knuckle boxing to tap into a passionate, engaged fanbase throughout North America and beyond.

In addition to integrated marketing programs and broadcast-specific activations during live BYB events, the Tigerlyfe team and BYB president Mike Vazquez are working to develop a nationwide network and distribution strategy for the New York-based company. This includes putting Tigerlyfe products in chains across America, such as Circle K and Murphy USA which already carry products through Vazquez’s distribution company, B2B USA.  

Said Tigerlyfe principal Frank A. LoPiccolo: 

“At its core, Tigerlyfe Energy is not your typical energy drink.  Like combat sports, it’s a lifestyle. Whether you’re a CEO, fitness professional, working on Wall Street, or a bare knuckle fighter, perspective is everything. We like to say: ‘when you invest in your image, you invest in your future.’  We are doing just that by partnering with a company like BYB and in a sport poised to be the next billion dollar industry. We intend to become synonymous with bare knuckle boxing as it takes the decade by storm.”

Said BYB President Mike Vazquez: 

“I have spent my professional career building businesses from the ground up, and doing so the right way: strategically, with integrity, and by aligning with individuals whose vision and values align with ours.  Frank and the Tigerlyfe team have already put an amazing product on the market, a product which – like BYB – always puts the health and wellbeing of the athlete first. I couldn’t be more excited to take things to the next level together.”


Tigerlyfe’s Mission is simple: to help those have focus, motivation, and the drive to succeed in today’s demanding and ever-changing world; to help those who know they can and will go the distance in the ring, on the trail, or in the boardroom; and to help those who know their “Y” but need help with the how. For more information visit


Tickets for August 27’s BYB 11: Doral Brawl are on sale now and can be purchased at BYB 11 will be streamed Live on BYB Extreme Fighting Series YouTube Channel. 

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