BYB 8 Coming DECEMBER 18 2021
Tis the Season to BRAWL!!!

The Evolution of

BYB & Bare Knuckle Boxing

BYB Extreme Fighting Series was established in 2014 to bring fight fans what they want most, ACTION! BYB Extreme Bareknuckle Brawls are designed to leave decisions in the hands of the fighters and not the judges. BYB Extreme is the originator of backyard brawls and responsible for bringing it to a global audience, as well as the creators of the mighty “Trigon” ring, which is like no other ring or cage in the world with angles of less than 90 degrees, ensuring close combat. The innovative 3-sided triangle ring has three 60-degree angles, guaranteeing 180-degrees of mayhem! BYB Extreme fighters work to take the action to the center of the ring versus rather than risk getting caught up in one of “The Trigon’s” tight corners, the tightest in combat sports.

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BYB Extreme YouTube Channel

BYB Extreme YouTube Channel




Back Yard Brawl EXTREME Series has its roots in the urban streets and backyards of South Florida. Originally developed as a way to settle community disputes without the use of guns and knives which were prevalent in the community, Back Yard Brawls grew in popularity attracting trained fighters and celebrities along the way. Dada 5000, co-founder of the series and former competitor, made a lasting impression with the raw nature of the competitions, enough so to attract major media coverage.


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Do you have a few questions or maybe you are interested in bringing BYB Extreme to your city. Well, we welcome any and all inquiries via our website by simply using the form below.

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